6 Nigerian Actresses Who Have Converted To Islam And Their Reasons For Switching

Of late, it has just about turned into a pattern for Nigerian performing artists to relinquish the religion they grew up with and switch to another. Islam is by all accounts the last destination for the greater part of these actors and they even arrange trips for themselves as a gathering on journeys to the Holy
Land of Mecca.

1. Moji Olaiya

Moji was destined to Christian guardians, her dad being the fabulous Nigerian artist Victor Olaiya. She was raised in Christian ways despite the fact that her mom was a Muslim before changing over to Christianity. She finished changing over to Islam in the wake of agony a couple of conjugal misfortunes. Moji has been hitched twice and both relational unions stopped. The single parent of one expresses that Islam gives her more power and inward quiet.

In one of her meetings, she confessed,"Honestly, Islam is a quiet religion. The angle I cherish most is that you needn't bother with any minister to get nearer to God. You don't generally require anyone to appeal to God for you. You can simply ask all alone and Almighty Allah will answer your petition with no middle person. I have been doing that since I turned into a Muslim and it has dependably worked for me."

2. Vivian Metchie

Nollywood star, Vivian was destined to Catholic father and a Deeper Life Mother. She wedded a man who was an individual from the Redeemed Church yet the marriage inevitably fizzled abandoning her with four kids.

As indicated by her, she exchanged religions on the grounds that at a point in time, she got confounded as different Christian chapels had something awful to say in regards to each other. Clarifying her activities, the screen diva said, "It is an individual choice. I comprehend the Koran more than the Bible… I was most likely searching for peace. No doubt! That was what I was searching for and I discovered it in the Koran." Vivian received the name Fareedah as her muslim name and as indicated by her, her folks were strong of her choice to switch religions

3. Liz Da Silva
 Well known performing artist, Liz Da Silva was known not a Christian up until the time she purportedly had a kid for previous NURTW Oshodi supervisor, Musiliu Akinsanya also called MC Oluomo. At the point when things did not work out between them, she wedded a Muslim man named Olaoye. In view of the introduction of her child, Roheem and her new family, Liz turned into a Muslim and embraced the name Aishat.

"On the off chance that you need to know I have a decent association with my child's dad and that is the reason I needed to change over to Muslim and got another name Aishat before the infant was named. I am a Christian, yet I needed to change over to Islam due to my child," Liz Da Silva uncovered in a meeting.

 4. Liz Anjorin
Lizzy, genuine name Elizabeth Anjorin is an easily recognized name similarly as Nollywood is concerned. She was raised in a Christian family anyway she discovered comfort in Islam. In 2013, she turned out to state completely that she is a Muslim and not long after her disclosure, she streamed off to Mecca for Hajj.

Tending to her confidence to pundits, Lizzy clarified that she has dependably had binds to the Muslim world judging from the way that her mom is a Muslim. She once said in a meeting, "In spite of the fact that my name is Elizabeth, which is the Christian name my father gave me since he was a Christian. At that point, I additionally have a Muslim name, Aishat, given to me by my mom, who was a Muslim. Additionally, some from my mom's relatives likewise named me Sekinat. Indeed, even my girl's name is Rufaidat. Along these lines, I developed with the two religions."

She included, "Islam has been in me for long. I just remained quiet about it. It is my private life."

In any case, certain unsubstantiated sources propose that her transformation happened after an association with a specific Alhaji in Lagos.

5. Laide Bakare

Super on-screen character, Laide Bakare was Christian up until the time she cleared out her Christian spouse and began dating a charged cash sack in Lagos named Alhaji Tunde Orilowo affectionately alluded to as ATM. Laide needed to change over to Islam in the wake of wedding him and turning into another of his spouses.

6. Lola Alao

Light complexioned Lola Alao is the most current believer around the local area. Her change to the tent of Islam was broken by an Islamic researcher on Facebook and she will now be known as Rohdiat. A scrutiny of her Instagram page demonstrates that she now conveys welcome for the sake of Allah.

In 2013, Alao married Wale Ajibola, her second spouse, in the United States after her marriage to Dare Ogunlana arrived at an end in 2008. As indicated by sources, her first marriage slammed after allegations of treachery and fixation acts surfaced.
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