Marriage Troubles: What Ladies Must Learn from Mide Martins & Her Husband's Separation

It's normal for couples to have issues and whenever that happens you hear all sorts of stories flying. If it's true that she slept with another man as a married woman, not while they were dating, and her husband got to find out the truth, I believe he has done the right thing.
But if the issue have nothing to do with an adulterous wife, they should pray for 'love' and live in peace.
Read this piece about ladies and the lessons of marriage written by Yoruba Movie Gist
Actress Mide Funmi Martins’ 12 year old marriage to actor, producer and director, Afeez Abiodun Owo is sure having problems as the actress took to her IG account to claim that Afeez left her and his 2 kids, 2 extended family members and their maid in the house and walked out of the union. 
By and large, there are a lot of lessons young lovers, especially the ladies need to learn from Mide’s marital issues before they walk down the aisle.

Of course, there is nothing bad if a lady gets married early but it has it's down sides. Mide got married at the stage she was meant to experience youthful fun and wildlife by hanging out with friends and all that but her early marriage denied her access to that.
Some ladies want to do whatever they want with men for money before marriage because they think that would make them garner some experiences before marriage. Mind you, most girls who live bad lifestyles hardly make a good wife and mother. There are many instances.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. This popular saying best illustrates the situation in Mide’s marriage. At a point, Mide lived her life in a proper way as a responsible wife is expected to live but all these changed when she started rolling with certain sets of actresses, forgetting that a sheep that hangs out with dogs will eventually eat sh*t, according to an African proverb.

It is obvious these days that many ladies marry not because of love but a man's money. Mide’s case is totally different from that. I will like to state that her union started having crisis since marrying a man who is not very handsome. Who knows if she had asked herself, 'Why do I want to marry Afeez Owo? Can I cope with him? Will I actually be proud of him in public? Would men not take advantage of that?'

No matter the situation you find yourself, be contented because you can’t know more than your creator. Your destiny is obviously not the same with that of your best friend, school mates or relations.

Ladies, one of the elements that will make your marriage work is staying true to your husband. Let him be able to confide in you. If you have the mindset that your husband can't do anything without you doing yours, then you are on your way out of marriage. Above all, stay off infidelity.
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